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About me

Hello! I'm Kelly (She/Her), I'm a Seattle based 2D/UI artist and Illustrator, and I've been working in the games industry for about 4 years! I have worked on games and small projects for mobile, AR, VR and PC! My industry experience includes working at Mojang on their AR Mobile title Minecraft Earth, at Little Orbit on a game called DC Dual Force as a UI Artist, and I'm currently working as a UI Tech Artist at Cat Daddy Games on an unannounced project!


I'm lover of art, games, shiba inus, coffee, and endless bubble tea! Making art for games is my passion, because games are an art form in and of themselves! I'm especially inspired by wonderfully and whimsically stylized games. But making art for games means nothing to me if what I create and where create doesn't aim to improve inclusivity and equity in and out of the games industry! I hope to work for studios that share this passion and understand the necessity of workspaces/studios that prioritize the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, especially prioritizing the wellbeing of marginalized employees. As well as understanding the importance in the prioritization of all marginalized voices, in studio, and in the community, and aim to create games and studios that represent, respect, and uplift the diversity of devs and players! I look forward to share and support this in any studio or workplace I go as well as looking forward to making awesome art for immersive and amazing games!

Outside of work, my favorite hobby is of course, video games. My current favorite games are Minecraft, Pokemon Violet, The Sims 4, Genshin Impact, and a few others. Other hobbies of mine include showering my dogs with affection, live streaming, making personal illustrations, eating all assortments of food, and studying Spanish and Japanese!

For professional inquiries feel free to contact me at my email: (you can click the mail icon for my email as well) or through my linkedIn page! Thank you!

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2D/3d ART generalist 

minecraft earth - Mojang/microsoft redmond

Minecraft Earth is Minecraft's AR mobile title! I joined the team during early pre-production and worked up to after launch. I worked on various and changing art needs and was responsible for assets such as:
- Pre production vis dev/Concept Art
- Concept art for new mobs

- UI art icons
- 3D models for Minecraft mobs and their pixel art textures

- Social media art assets
- Art pipeline documentation
- 3D Animations

Minecraft Earth Trailer
Moobloom Vote Minecraft Live   - Minecraft Live mob vote video depicting one of the mobs I created!

UI ARtist /Concept Artist

How may I haunt You - smidgen softworks - digipen

How May I Haunt You was a VR comedy-puzzle game I worked on with a small team of 12 during my last two years at DigiPen. I worked mainly on UI Art, aiding in the UX Design, as well as other art assets. Overall I was responsible for


- Concept art and vis dev for UI -

- Refactoring UI/UX Design for better experience in VR

- Providing UI Art assets

- Creating titular logo for the game

- Supplemental modeling and texturing of props

- Some 3D character animations 

How May I Haunt You Trailer

UI/UX Artist

Little Orbit Inc.

I worked at Little Orbit Inc as a UI/UX Artist on a Project called DC Dual Force. My tasks involved designing and concepting UI and wireframes and creating UI art mock ups for various screens in the game.

DC Dual Force Trailer


UI Tech Artist

Cat Daddy Games (2k games/Take Two)

I am currently working at Cat Daddy games on an unannounced project. My tasks include creating mock ups, UI Art Assets, and working with the Art Leads in driving the look and feel of the project's UI,

other experience

UI ARtist 

chrono-drive - blunderbus - digipen

Chrono-drive was a scifi first person shooter PC game! I worked on it for a short time and was responsible for:

- UI Art using CEGUI templates for menus

- Created HUD for player health and ammo

- Created graphic textures for in game screens

- Created logo for in game story

UI ARtist 

Heartbeat Hero

Heartbeat hero was a mobile title that worked in use with a FitBit! I created mock ups for the main screens and provided the UI art assets


- Concept art and vis dev for UI

- Providing UI Art assets

2d artist & animator

And eat it too

And Eat It Too was a seven person 6 month short film project about a dog who loved cake and had a rivalry with a baker

- Concept art and vis dev for dog and props
- Created animations for multiple scenes

Finished Short Film 


DigiPen Insitute of technology

Bachelor of fine arts in digital art and animation

At DigiPen I took the rigorous four year Fine Arts undergraduate program where I studied foundational art, art for games and art for film and animation. I began August 2014 and graduated and received my degree in April 2018.

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