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Creating ui art for vr

How May I Haunt You is a VR Comedy Puzzle game. I worked on various aspects of the game over the course of its development, including the game logo, character animation, textures, models, and most importantly, the UI!

How May I Haunt You Title Screen
HMIHY Menu Buttons
HMIHY Power Reticles

Early Design & Refactoring

In our game, we originally had a very basic menu system consisting of 2D plane assets I created for early alpha, arranged in the normal pause menu layout. We found that having the menus like that, though simple, was very difficult to interact with or care about in VR. So I took on the challenge of concepting a different kind of menu for our game, that our players could have more interaction with.

Oculus small remote Infographic
Oculus Contols Info Graphic Update

Design Challenges & Iteration

I initially concepted with the idea that everything the player needed, items, menus, tutorials, could exist in a briefcase, which would be a fun play on the fact the player is a Ghost employee. But we found that having everything  in the briefcase was too confusing and a bit overwhelming. So we split it up. Only the items would exist in the briefcase, and the menu would be separate, in the form of a manila folder. 

UI Early Concepts
Briefcase Pieces
Briefcase breakdown 2
Briefcase breakdown 3
Folder Menu
Folder Early Concept

3D Assets

Once we nailed down the idea of a folder for the menu system, I started concepting right away and we picked the final design. After that, I did a first pass at the model and texture for the Menu assets. 

briefcase changes

Moving around a vr world

Another challenge we faced was how to inform the player on moving about the VR space. You could only walk so far in real life space, but we had a mechanic that would allow you to teleport to the rooms that seemed far away! These are some FX concepts I did to show what the player would see when they were in teleport mode and about to select on of our preset teleporting locations.

Vantage Switch Concept_Small
VantageSwitch FX Concept
pink puff
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